Per me è importante - music video - 2002
director: Ascanio Malgarini
studio: Direct2Brain
credits:Lead VFX TD

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On this project my work was texturing and modeling , setup and animation of the main characters, crowd animation, volumetric particle systems, dynamic cloth simulation and other VFX.

For the models we implemented Poly surfaces in 3dsMAX, for the setup and animation I chose CharacterStudio, for the volumetric particles systems I chose ParticleFlow and Afterburn, for the dynamic cloth simulation I chose SimCloth, for all the rest I implemented SpaceWarps, Modifiers and Animation Constraints, for the rendering I used the Scanline engine with RayTracing and ShadowMapped lights under 3dsMAX.

The working time on this project was 1 month of pre production and 4 moths of Post production.